For the evaluation of BGA connection after reflow, inspection with Microfocus X-ray inspection system from angled view is becoming more of a necessity.


ME4100-VC has one Imaging Intensifier on top as its detector. This system comes equipped with Theta-Axis Turning Device. This helpful device turns 360 degrees in both directions, allowing inspection of a sample from various directions.

MV3100-VC on the other hand, has two Digital Flat Panel. One for the top view and the other for the angled view. Top and Angle can be switched by a simple click of a mouse button. On top of that, it does not require time consuming view point adjustment, as normal systems with inclination mechanisms do.

Top View


ME4100-VC MV3100-VC
X-ray Generator Max. Tube Voltage
Max. Tube Current
100kV / 0.25mA
Max. Output 10W
Warm Up Automatic
X-ray Control PC
X-ray Detectors
(Digital Flat Panel)
# of Detectors 1 (Top) 2 (Top & Angle)
Panel Type Imaging Intensifier CMOS DFP
Effective Area 2-4 in. changeable 52.8 x 52.8mm
about 84 times
Total Pixels about 0.38M Pixels about 1M Pixels
Output Resolution 8 bit : 256 grayscale 12 bit (Digital) : 4096 grayscale
PIA-Soft CS PC / OS Windows XP
Display 17 in. 19 in.
Image Processing Filtering (Integration, Contrast Enhancement, Edge Enhancement, etc...), Histogram, LUT Operation, (B/W Inverse, Gamma Correction, etc...), Image Rotation, Zoom-In/Out, Duplicate Image, and Insert Text
Void Measurement, Wire Sweep Rate, Length Meas., Brightness Meas., 3D Luminance Profile
Sample Scanner Scanner Control Automatic and Manual Scanning
X-Y-Z axis Stroke 300 x 300 x 680mm 300 x 230 x 680mm
Turning Device
360 degrees
in both directions
Shielding Box X-ray Leakage less than 1uSv/h
Interlock* Equipped
Size W790 x D1045 x H1775mm
Weight about 750kg
Power Source   AC50/60Hz 100V 10A

This system is equipped with interlock mechanism, to protect the operator from unintended irradiation.

  • Specifications above may be changed without prior notice.
  • When the system is exported to foreign countries, Japanese Government may require exporting license.
  • System specifications: including configuration, X-ray generator, X-ray detector, and Irradiation Box may be upgraded upon user`s request.
  • PIA-Soft is a trademark of PONY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. All other products are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners.