Apr, 1965Established Pony Atomic Industry Co., Ltd.
Located the company's headquarters in Kita-horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka city.
Jun, 1966Acquired permission for handling radioisotopes by the Science and Technology Agency
Jun, 1967Delivered the first Iriduium transmission test equipment (P1-10 type)
Feb, 1971Acquired permission for handling radioisotopes by Kumatori Factory
Jul, 1975Started the radiation management service
Aug, 1987Started manufacturing and supplying the microfocus X-ray inspection system (microfocus X-ray radiography test equipment) for semi-conductors and electronic components.
Apr, 1993Changed the company name to Pony Industry Co., Ltd.
Oct, 2002Established the irradiation room in the Kumatori factory and started a calibration service for radiation measuring devices.
Dec, 2002Developed and started supplying the first automatic non-destructive inspection system for airplanes.
Aug, 2005Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification
Jan, 2008Developed and stared supplying a direct conversion (CdTe) X-ray detector
Apr, 2008Opened a radiation measurement center
Apr, 2010Developed and started supplying an automatic detector of foreign substances for medical use.
Jul, 2014Installed a high-power X-ray CT system in the Kumatori factory and started a CT scanning service
Apr, 2015The 50th anniversary of the foundation of our company
Jan, 2018Nagasaki Sales Office opened
Aug, 2022Renewal work completed on Kumatori Plant