With humanity as our foundation,
protecting a safe society and the environment Offering a living technology service.

Pony Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 1965 as a member of the Non Destructive Inspection Co., Ltd., group. Its goal is to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society. We sell a variety of inspection devices and materials, introduce new equipment, develop overall testing equipment, and offer security products using the latest technology.

During the rapid economic growth our country experienced in the 1950s, non-destructive inspection techniques played a very important role in evaluating the soundness of the many products, large equipment and structures being developed. We, along with our parent Non Destructive Inspection Co., Ltd., have been honored to participate in the evaluation of the country's social capital.

Lately, as society diversifies and concern about safety and the environment across many sectors grows, expectations for even more trustworthy non-destructive inspection technology has also grown. As automation, imaging and digitization advance, we at Pony Industry in the non-destructive inspection sector, which relies on the skill and judgment of its technicians, will of course maintain the base technologies we have built in radiation, but also advance into a comprehensive technology service that includes ultrasonic technology, electricity, magnetics, infrared rays, lasers and other technologies. We will endeavor to respond to the needs of a wide range of customers.

In the future, we will work step by step to fulfill our motto of "With humanity as our foundation, protecting a safe society and the environment and offering a living technology service." We greatly appreciate your continued support and patronage.