Through non-destructive inspections, delivering a safe and secure society.
In 1965, Pony Industry started business after becoming independent from the radiation protection section of Non Destructive Inspection Co., Ltd. From our beginning to today, we have striven to meet the needs of our customers in a variety of non-destructive inspection technology, with radiation-related products at the core but also including ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetics and others. We offer inspection as well as development, manufacturing and sales of measurement equipment.
We strive to turn danger into safety, anxiety into relief. Pony Industry is a world-leading company that continues to contribute into the future.

Development and Manufacturing

"We offer inspection equipment that meets our customers' requirements."
We develop and manufacture customizable inspection equipment such as ones that can find defects in electronic components, a microfocus X-ray inspection system that can detect contamination in medical supplies and gamma-ray irradiation equipment.

Inspection and Measuring Equipment

"To domestic and overseas customers of our inspection and measuring equipment."
We offer equipment that meets customer needs through introducing a wide range of inspection methods and cutting-edge technology from overseas.


"For measurement results you can trust"
Our staff, very knowledgeable in non-destructive inspection systems, offers a JIS-certified repair service. Especially for calibration of radiation measuring device, we have JCSS-certified testers, ranked the highest in Japan, to ensure highly reliable results.


"Using non-destructive inspection technology know-how that we have cultivated for many years"
We offer automated and labor-saving inspections and measurements through added computer controls in combination with use of a variety of sensors for radiograph, ultrasonic, magnetics, stress and optical with signal reading, analysis, recording equipment and sensor driven systems.

Radiation Management Practices

"Protecting the safety of radiation users"
We support people exposed to radiation through their occupation with management practices for working in radiation controlled areas at nuclear power plants and research centers.We also offer measurement services of radiation exposure dose for individual clients.

Non-destructive inspection protects our future lives
Pony Industry will continue to contribute to people's lives.