Pony Industry Original, Direct Conversion X-ray Camera SID-A50



With the introduction of SID-A50, X-ray inspection systems has been using detectors such as Image Intensifier (I.I.) and C-MOS Flat Panel Detectors, which needs to convert X-ray into optical light first, in order to visualize X-ray.

These Indirect Conversion Method X-ray Detectors comes with multitude of issues. These problems include but not limited to; Low Sensitivity, Fuzziness, Time Degradation, Inadequate Life At Pony Industry Co., Ltd. we developed X-ray Camera which converts X-ray into electrical signal directly for the first time in the industry, rectifying devastating problems stated above.

For detailed explanation of this Brand New 3rd Generation X-ray Camera, please download the report below, which was published in Radiation Symposium in Japan.

Radiation Symposium Report on "Direct Conversion X-ray Camera SID-A50"


Converts X-ray into electronical signal directly via Cadmium telluride compound semiconductor. No need to convert X-ray into visible light with scintillator.

As more and more X-ray penetrate scintillator, "burn-in" effect takes place, causing detector's sensitivity to deteriorate.
Since Direct Conversion Method X-ray camera does not have scintillator, above problem does not exist.

Ordinary X-ray detectors must convert X-ray into optical light first, then through numerous conversion before converted into electrical signal.
Inefficient conversion rate causes data to deteriorate.
Direct Conversion Method X-ray Camera SID-A50 is equipped with Cadmium Telluride compound semiconductor, which works like "X-ray Photodiode" to convert X-ray into electrical signal directly. This reduces the risk of data deterioration and minimizes image down-grade.

When X-ray penetrates scintillator inside ordinary X-ray detectors, light grows like a firefly, causing the image to be fuzzy.
Direct Conversion Method X-ray Camera's image comes out crystal clear, due to its scintillator less structure. Compared to ordinary Indirect Conversion X-ray Detectors (C-MOS Flat Panel Detectors), SID-A50 has superb sensitivity.

Ordinary X-ray Detector (C-MOS Flat Panel Detector) Fuzzy outline
Pony Original Direct Conversion X-ray Camera (SID-A50) Crystal Clear edges

=> Sensitivity is about 6 times more than that of C-MOS Flat panel Detectors. Better sensitivity means that the camera can express minute difference in X-ray dosage, and this leads directly to the dynamic expression of minimal faults and slight amount difference of solders.

Ordinary X-ray Detector (C-MOS Flat Panel Detector) Parts that are overlapped with solder (wires and printed solder) Cannot be expressed.
Pony Industry Original, Direct Conversion Method X-ray Camera (SID-A50) Printed solders and wires behind solder ball can clearly be seen.

Compared to ordinary X-ray detectors (C-MOS Flat Panel Detector), SID-A50 has about 5 times the life.

=> Readout electronics (C-MOS and ASIC) inside X-ray detectors are vulnerable to X-rays.

Ordinary X-ray detectors' (C-MOS Flat Panel Detectors) C-MOS photodiode is only protected by the thin layer of scintillator. This thin scintillator can only absorb several dozen percent of X-ray. Majority of X-ray passes through, penetrating the readout electronics behind, damaging the detector itself, and ultimately ceasing its function all together.

Direct Conversion Method X-ray Detector (SID-A50) also has readout electronics which is vulnerable to X-ray, yet the Cadmium Telluride in front can absorb more than 99% of X-ray at 120kV. This greatly reduces the damage toward readout electronics, prolonging the life of the camera tremendously.


Model SID-A50
Method Direct Conversion Method X-ray Camera
Semiconductor Device CdTe (Cadmium Telluride)
Dimension (W) 155mm x (D) 170mm x (H) 40mm
Active Area 51.2mm x 46.4mm
Frame Rate 2-50 frames/sec (1:1 binning)
Spatial Resolution 6LP/mm or more
Resistance to Radiation Confirmed working normal after receiving 5,000,000 Roentgen
Applicable X-ray Tube Voltage 20~100kV (Closed Tube)
20~160kV (Open Tube)
Tube Current 5mA Maximum
Interface Camera Link
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